Become a Lifetime Member

If you plan to continue to work as a risk or compliance manager in insurance / reinsurance, or a Solvency II expert / consultant / service provider, you can become a Lifetime Member of the association and continue your journey without interruption and without renewal worries.

Become a Lifetime Member of the Solvency II Association, the largest Association of Solvency II professionals in the world, to demonstrate your commitment and dedication to your profession.

You will also get a lifetime of benefits.

Enjoy the convenience of making a single payment for your entire tenure as a member, and get all the benefits.

To learn more:

Standard Membership Certificate

All standard members are eligible to order a Personalized Membership Certificate.

Standard membership is free. You do not need to receive a printed membership certificate to become a member.

If you want to show your dedication to our profession by displaying your certificate, you can receive your Personalized Membership Certificate printed in full colour.

The Solvency ii Association must receive $50 in advance for the first Personalized Membership Certificate. You may order many certificates.

You provide evidence that you want to stay current with the new developments in Solvency ii risk and compliance management, and that you continue to learn month after month.

As a member of the Solvency ii Association you are entitled to write about your membership in your CV, resume, websites etc. using the name and the logo of the association.

Number of Membership Certificates

It can take up to 3 months to receive the membership certificates.