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$100 discount on each distance learning program listed below

Cyber Risk GmbH (Dammstrasse 16, 8810 Horgen, Switzerland, CHE-244.099.341), a strategic partner and service provider for the Solvency II Association, offers a $100 discount on each distance learning program listed below, to all individuals who have purchased one distance learning program by the Solvency II Association.

1. NIS 2 Directive Trained Professional (NIS2DTP)

2. Digital Operational Resilience Act Trained Professional (DORATPro)

3. Critical Entities Resilience Directive Trained Professional (CERDTPro)

4. Data Act Trained Professional (DataActTPro)

5. Data Governance Act Trained Professional (DatGovActTP)

6. European Chips Act Trained Professional (EChipsActTPro)

7. Digital Services Act Trained Professional (DiSeActTPro)

8. Digital Markets Act Trained Professional (DiMaActTPro)

To receive the URL for the discounted rate, please email us with the subject line: "Request for Discounted Program URL."

In the email, please let us know:

a. Which was the name and email address of the person or legal entity that had purchased the program from the Solvency II Association.

b. Which is the program you want to purchase now at $197 instead of $297.

You will receive the URL for the discounted price for your second and subsequent programs within 48 hours (business days).

Cyber Risk GmbH websites include the following:

a. Sectors and Industries.

1. Cyber Risk GmbH

2. Social Engineering Training

3. Healthcare Cybersecurity

4. Airline Cybersecurity

5. Railway Cybersecurity

6. Maritime Cybersecurity

7. Oil Cybersecurity

8. Electricity Cybersecurity

9. Gas Cybersecurity

10. Hydrogen Cybersecurity

11. Transport Cybersecurity

12. Transport Cybersecurity Toolkit

13. Hotel Cybersecurity

14. Sanctions Risk

15. Travel Security

b. Understanding Cybersecurity.

1. What is Disinformation?

2. What is Steganography?

3. What is Cyberbiosecurity?

4. What is Synthetic Identity Fraud?

5. What is a Romance Scam?

6. What is Cyber Espionage?

7. What is Sexspionage?

8. What is the RESTRICT Act?

c. Understanding Cybersecurity in the European Union.

1. The NIS 2 Directive

2. The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

3. The Critical Entities Resilience Directive (CER)

4. The European Data Act

5. The European Data Governance Act (DGA)

6. The European Cyber Resilience Act (CRA)

7. The Digital Services Act (DSA)

8. The Digital Markets Act (DMA)

9. The European Chips Act

10. The Artificial Intelligence Act

11. The Artificial Intelligence Liability Directive

12. The Framework for Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Practices (FAICP)

13. The EU Cyber Solidarity Act

14. The Digital Networks Act (DNA)

15. The European ePrivacy Regulation

16. The European Digital Identity Regulation

17. The European Media Freedom Act (EMFA)

18. The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD)

19. The Systemic Cyber Incident Coordination Framework (EU-SCICF)

20. The European Health Data Space (EHDS)

21. The European Financial Data Space (EFDS)

22. The Financial Data Access (FiDA) Regulation

23. The Payment Services Directive 3 (PSD3), Payment Services Regulation (PSR)

24. The European Cyber Defence Policy

25. The Strategic Compass of the European Union

26. The EU Cyber Diplomacy Toolbox

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